A message from Explore Summerside about the status of SummeRide for 2017

Summerside, October 22, 2015 – The Board of Directors of Tourism Summerside confirmed today that a new strategic direction, one that was developed and designed by the industry and for the industry, will be further undertaken by the organization in an even bigger way in 2017!


“In 2016 Explore Summerside launched a hugely successful Experience Specialist Program in Summerside and North Cape Coastal Drive. This Program will expand in a big way in 2017 and is a much needed step towards creating a community of tourism ambassadors” commented JP Desrosiers, President of Tourism Summerside. With many new projects, events and programs in the works for this year relating to growing “experience specialists” in Summerside it was decided by the Board of Directors of Tourism Summerside to suspend operations of the annual motorcycle rally “SummeRide” for this upcoming season with a further review to be done on the event throughout the year. “While SummeRide has developed a strong brand in the bike rally community across the region and beyond, the organization was forced to prioritize resources and realign energies elsewhere” continued Desrosiers.


While at this stage the organization is stepping away for one year from the event there is certainly possibilities of offering this event in the future. “We would most certainly like to thank the SummeRide organizing committee, our Executive Director Carolyn Thorne and the many volunteers and sponsors who supported this event, as without them the event would not have been the success it has been over the last two years” added Desrosiers.


Explore Summerside is currently working on a number of projects, events and educational services for its members and stakeholders and looks forward to outlining them in detail in the very near future.


Stay Tuned!

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Photos By Bruce Boutilier and Karen Neill